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Insurance in Poland

Right now in Poland works about 28 insurance companies. For the last 15 year insurance had became a very important and significant role in polish economy. A lot of companies and individual clients started to be iterested in modern financial solutions.

In the past ten years a huge number of infrastructural and Foreign Direct Investment has been finished in Poland. To participate and execute a lot of project You need a solid partner in the filed of insurance and financial securities.

The website was designed for companies and businessman that are interested in insurance guarantees. We provide this service for construction and building companies in Poland as well as other firms. Usually that kind of insurance is used in large financial contracts as an aditions security.

We have been selling that insurance since 2000 as a replenishment for other services: property maintance insurance and general third party liability insurance. In complete that service serures normal daily business activity of your company.

For the past 20 years we have helped across 30 companies to win competition in large building and infrastructural contracts. We undrestand that every business request partnership and pro-advisosors, thats why our company is widely recommended to other enterpreneurs.

Thanks to large expierience and flexibility we are able to prepare this service in 7 days (in case that we have all necessary documents). We work with domestic and foreign clients form all Europe. Every financial solution and insurance is consulted with Your company in a individual way.

If You are interested in have solid insurance service contact us via phone: 604-978-704

or e-mail:



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